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  Association Rates & Correspondence

For our current auditorium & service rates, please click here.

The meetings of the Marin Masonic Building Association are held on the Tuesday before the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the library of Marin Lodge. Members of Marin Lodge are welcome to attend these meetings and to bring items of importance before the board. Additional (special) meetings are held on occasion to address a special need or circumstance.

 Our property management firm is HL Property Management.

 Our building manager is Mr. Robert Knez. He can be reached at (415)446-4220.

 If there is an immediate issue or if it concerns the management of the property itself, you can send correspondence to:

Mr. Robert Knez

HL Commercial Real Estate

4304 Redwood Highway Suite 200

San Rafael, CA 94903-2103

 Correspondence that concerns the building association itself can be mailed to:

Marin Masonic Building Association
888 Fourth Street Suite 22
San Rafael, CA 94901