2017 Awards

Hiram Award Presentation

On September 27th, 2017, Marin Lodge presented the Hiram Award to
Worshipful Brother Victor Adams PM, Secretary of Marin Lodge.
Brother Adams has extended a great amount of effort, coaching candidates,
carrying out the duties of secretary and representing the Lodge
by attendinging the degrees and events of district Lodges.

Hiram Award Recipient Wor. Brother Adams
and Worshipful Master of Marin Lodge, WM Charles Remington PM.

Hiram Award Recipient Wor. Brother Adams PM
and the previous Hiram Award recipients of Marin Lodge.

Mason of the Year Recipient

Our 2017 Mason of the Year Recepient Brother Tony Tufo.

Brethren, I was happy to nominate Brother Anthony Tufo as the Mason of Marin honoree for Marin Lodge.

Brother Tufo is our current Chaplain. He is instrumental in our entertainment and Fellowshop committes. He contributes without question, request or complaint. An example of his great work was with our recent party for our members who turned 80 this year. Brother Tufo arranged the food and created wonderful awards for each of our 80 year old brothers. He is a guiding member on our upcoming 150th Anniversary celeberation. Brother Tufo is a great example of a brother who lives that noble contention of who can best work and best agree.

Worshipful Master Charles Remington PM

Worshipful Master Remington PM and Brother Tufo.

Golden Veterans Award Presentation

On April 19th, 2017, the officers and brethren of Marin Lodge convened for the presentation of the Golden Veteran Award to Brother Craig Steele who became a Master Mason in June 1967. Our District Inspector, Wor. Brother David Von Bima PM presented the award to him on behalf of the Grand Master. In addition to his years of membership in Marin Lodge, Brother Craig was a member of Marin Demolay in his youth. He later served as an adult leader in DeMolay in Santa Rosa.

Marin Lodge Officers 1984